Question #1: The most frequent turning error during an in-vehicle lesson by Novice Drivers is to ?

Question #2: Statistics show that there are more fatal collisions in rural areas than in urban areas because?

Question #3: A police officer may demand a sample of a driver’s breath for alcohol testing if he/she ?

Question #4: A good way to prevent a collision with pedestrians preparing to cross at an intersection is to:

Question #5: How far ahead does a good driver lead the vehicle with their eyes?

Question #6: The defendants accused of violating laws regarding criminal negligence, dangerous driving and driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs are convicted by trials in courts of the?

Question #7: A flashing green light at an intersection where turns to the left and to the right are permitted, means you may (from the correct lane):

Question #8: For how long must a driver remain stopped at an intersection with a stop sign, before proceeding, in order to obey the law?

Question #9: How many meters distance must you be from a hill you can’t see over or a curve you can’t see around, in order to pass legally?

Question #10: The insurance Act Reg. 668 defines an intersection where the traffic lights are off, out of order, or otherwise in operative as a(n):

Question #11: Carbon Monoxide is a gas given off by all internal combustion engines. Which statement below is most TRUE?

Question #12: Before performing a “U-TURN” the most important thing(s) you should consider is/are whether:

Question #13: A freeway is a controlled access road. This means that:

Question #14: You should drive in the far left lane of a multi-lane freeway only when you are:

Question #15: When an emergency vehicle is stopped with emergency lights activated at the side of the road, the law requires vehicles approaching from behind to:

Question #16: What does this road sign mean?

Question #17: If someone cuts into your space cushion ahead:

Question #18: Very tired or drowsy driver could be impaired at:

Question #19: Which of the following situations would be most likely to fail a student on a G1 Exit Test?

Question #20: How often does a good driver move their eyes as they drive down the road? Every:

Question #21: What does this road sign mean?

Question #22: When can I use my phone while driving?

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