Question #1: Which statement is true?

Question #2: Aggressive driving can reduce the fuel efficiency of a vehicle by up to :

Question #3: The average vehicle produces how many times its own weight in carbon dioxide emissions each year?

Question #4: How far ahead does a good driver lead the vehicle with their eyes?

Question #5: The defendants accused of violating laws regarding criminal negligence, dangerous driving and driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs are convicted by trials in courts of the?

Question #6: The insurance Act Reg. 668 defines an intersection where the traffic lights are off, out of order, or otherwise in operative as a(n):

Question #7: Which of the following statements are TRUE about the gear selector positions on an automatic transmission?

Question #8: Carbon Monoxide is a gas given off by all internal combustion engines. Which statement below is most TRUE?

Question #9: You should drive in the far left lane of a multi-lane freeway only when you are:

Question #10: The type of braking that will stop the vehicle in the shortest possible distance and allow for some steering control is:

Question #11: In order to discourage a tailgater, you should:

Question #12: What does this road sign mean?

Question #13: What does this road sign mean?

Question #14: Which of the following has an equal amount of alcohol as compared to a bottle of beer?

Question #15: To steer smoothly, look up and ahead with your eyes aimed most of the time towards the:

Question #16: Before going through an intersection you should look in sequence:

Question #17: Which of the following situations would be most likely to fail a student on a G2 Exit Test?

Question #18: How often does a good driver move their eyes as they drive down the road? Every:

Question #19: In good weather conditions, you are required to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. You should keep at least?

Question #20: In what position on the roadway must you be before making a left turn from a one-way traffic street?

Question #21: What does this road sign mean?

Question #22: When can I use my phone while driving?

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